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Congratulations! You have just located the most money and time - saving product for your horse to come around in years - "Stallsavers" - the ultimate equine stall mat!! We call our new horse stall mats "Stallsavers" because that's what they do - they save you money and they save you time. It is the ultimate stall liner and we can assure you that no other product that you find quite compares to ours.

Stallsavers are constructed of a heavy duty, water-permeable polypropylene material.Unlike conventional rubber stall mats that force urine to puddle on the surface, Stallsavers permit the urine to flow easily through the mat (see diagram below) When urine puddles on the surface ( as with rubber stall mats) it becomes absorbed by your expensive bedding - bedding that must now be removed when the stall is cleaned. With Stallsavers, since the urine does not puddle on the surface, it does not become absorbed by your expensive bedding.Consequently, much less bedding needs to be removed when the stall is cleaned. It's a simple equation - Less bedding to be removed = savings on bedding ($$$) and savings on stall cleaning time. Our horse stall mats are designed literally to pay for themselfs many, many times over. They are the ultimate horse stall mats.


While Stallsavers are heavy duty, they are lightweight and very easy to transport, much more so than conventional rubber stall mats. Our horse stall mats are also 30% thicker than some of the other "skin' type products out there making our product much more durable. Stallsavers are available in two (2) finishes: the original smooth finish and our new exclusive textured surface. The unique textured surface affords the horse stall mat even more durability. Ask us to send you a free sample of our exclusive textured product and you will agree that it is absolutely the toughest most durable product of it's kind. You will not find this textured surface on any other horse stall mats anywhere.

Click the link below to watch a short informative video detailing the unique features of our exclusive equine stall flooring product.The video also contains testimonials and applications of our ultimate horse stall mats

They really are the Ultimate Stall Mats and truly live up to our Stallsaver name

It’s an investment that pays dividends

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